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    2019 Winter Meeting Photo Highlights  
    Dr. Daniel Thoma Drs. David Okono, Steve Meraw, Patrick Johnson,
Rodrigo Romano, John Russo
and Walt Colon.
    Welcome to FAP Membership!
Dr. Bashar Adeinat and Daniel Garcia
Relaxing at Welcome Reception!  

    Dr. Robert Churney @ hands-on workshop. Thank You for Geistlich for their sponsorship!
Julie Gonzalez and Carlos Martinez
    Workshop Participants Dr. Oscar Morejon recites the investiture oath
to the 2019-2020 FAP Officers
    UF/NSU Luncheon
Thank You to AAP for underwriting
Dr. Beatriz Terry and Rodrigo Romano  
    2019 - 2020 FAP President Dr. Rodrigo Romano presents gavel plaque to outgoing President, Dr. Patrick Johnson Congratulations to Dr. Stuart Feldman who was presented
the Robert T. Ferris award by Dr. Patrick Johnson
    Dr. Johnson addresses the UF/NSU residents at their luncheon.