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    2018 Summer Meeting Highlights  

University of Florida Residents

Drs. Adrian Abrahams, Jim Carazola, and Gregg Langston





Dr. Jared Krieger and Dr. Oscar Morejon,
FAP Immediate Past President

Dr. Stuart Feldman, 45th year attending FAP Meetings  


Drs. Patrick Johnson, FAP President, Oscar Morejon, Immediate Past President, Jorge Ramirez, Past President (2012-2013),

and Gregory Oxford, Past President (2011-2012).

Dr. Jimmy Wilson (in red), AAP Secretary-Treasurer and soon to be AAP VP, joins FAP Past Presidents, Dr. Ramirez and Dr. Oxford.  Dr. Wilson served as FAP president from 2009-2010.


Dr. Patrick Johnson, FAP President, addressing
the membership at the business meeting.

Welcome new members: Dr. Camille Medina Cintron and Dr. Gabriela Vila
Missing: Dr. Sara Shah, Dr. Krystal Reyes Viruet,
and Dr. Dana Walid Al Hashimi