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    President's Message

Dr. Roger Robinson
2022-2023 FAP President

Dr. Robinson’s address to FAP Membership February 12, 2022


I would like to start by thanking the Executive Council, and the members of the Florida Association of Periodontists for their support and confidence in allowing me to assume the role, responsibilities, and duties as your new President.

I especially want to thank Dr. Walter Colon for his contribution and leadership during his time as acting FAP President. He provided sound foresight and guidance when dealing with BOD issues and executive council responsibilities. I also want to thank him personally for his encouragement in my role as incoming president.

As president I am only as strong as the leaders that support me and contribute to the organizational roles of the Executive council. I want to recognize their gift of time and vision. They represent the future of our organization and the talent of our profession. I want to personally thank every member of the executive council for their ability to see the path forward and their recommendations to adapt, grow, and develop our organization. And for taking time out from their work and personal lives to participate at this level.

There are numerous other individuals who have helped shape my thoughts and views regarding the importance of our profession for the greater good of the citizens and communities in the great state of Florida. I would like to take a moment and recognize them:

Dr. Mike Chanatry (mentor and friend), Dr. Oscar Morejon, Dr. Patrick Johnson, Dr. Jessica Stilley, Dr. Jimmy Wilson, Dr. Greg Oxford, Dr. Bob Churney, Dr. Cecil White, Dr. Rodrigo Romano

The conversations and group interactions I had the fortune to be part of with these individuals through the years has shaped and solidified how important what we do is to the quality of life of our patients and the oral health of Florida communities. And how our organization uniquely stands to protect and advocate on behalf of the publics greater good and interest when bad health policies or corporate interests rise-up to take advantage of situations that do not provide health benefits for delivering care or treating periodontal disease in our Florida communities.

Remember the significance of our organization is clearly stated in our Mission Statement: The Florida Association of Periodontists are:

Dedicated to improving the health of the public by advancing the art and science of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry through professional education, collaboration and advocacy.”

I welcome all of you, members of the FAP, to the interchange of ideas and intellectual thought, by contacting the executive council regarding matters that may affect our professional future or member needs. I believe in being part of the solution and not part of the problem. Being a member of the FAP is like being part of an extended family. And like families we may not always agree on the details but together we can accomplish anything together for Florida’s Oral health needs.

Thank You